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In a conversation with digital marketing expert: Glen Hoffman

The businesses in the Sunshine state are witnessing an increasing rate of growth, thanks to the Internet. Many local businesses in South Florida have benefitted by establishing online presence for their ventures. More and more local businesses in India are embracing the power of the web in marketing their products and services.

We recently sat down with Glen Hoffman from e-Intelligence, a digital marketing expert in India, and asked him about his thoughts on the future of online marketing for the local businesses.

Q. How can going digital change the way local businesses market their offerings?

The web has helped the local businesses in India in combining the power of marketing, data, and development. Together, the Internet and mobile have enabled fast-paced growth for local businesses with smaller budgets by offering them smarter and more efficient ways of promotions. To be honest, digital marketing is not a rocket science. Neither is it a growth hack, as some may call it. Internet marketing in India is really about changing your way of thinking. It doesn’t even have to be a paradigm shift in your overall marketing approach. You just need to be flexible enough to embrace the web in your existing business model.

Q. Should businesses in India use SEO and content marketing?

Definitely! Due to the heavy usage of search engines like Google amongst customers, SEO and content marketing have become staple marketing channels. The best thing, if you ask me, about SEO is that it keeps on changing. No two years are the same in the SEO industry. You have newer algorithms being introduced every two-three months. Therefore, it is important to focus on quality content to drive more website traffic organically. Simply put, meaningful and optimized content is the key to successful SEO campaigns. You should create content that people are actively searching for and consuming. The goal should be to provide useful and meaningful information that adds to their overall experience. Thus, SEO and content marketing help your local business in India in attaining credibility and authority in your niche. And when your users see you as being a useful source of information, search engines will automatically start ranking your site at the top of their results.

Q. What are some of the key marketing trends local businesses should watch for?

One of the important things to think about as an online marketer in India is to consider the impact of data on your business. The digital space is hyper connected. The customers get data from all types of sources. Therefore, it is important to consider this data and integrate into a thoughtfully devised digital marketing strategy. Another important trend is to embrace social media and start two way interactions with your customers. The web has made business promotions a two-way communication process. It’s an open ecosystem now. Thus, the businesses that are more connected with their customers will see a greater success in the future.

Q. What is your favorite content marketing tip?

It is about “Writing effective copy”. When writing your online content, always start by what will get their attention. And once you have their attention, you must convert it into an interest. When they become interested in your content, you must create a desire within them to take an action you want them to take. Simplifying your online content strategy is the best thing you can do to your online business.

Q. What do you think is the future of digital marketing in India?

Even in an industry that is rapidly changing every few months and pushing the boundaries constantly, I cannot help but be in awe of the potential of the future when it comes to digital marketing in India. Mobile is no doubt a centre of attention for the local businesses moving forward in India. Just having a website for your local business is not enough. You must ensure that it is compatible and responsive across various mobile devices and web browsers. With the advancement in the technology, different wings of digital marketing such as SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media, web design, etc. are coming closer to one another. Digital marketing has now become a unified experience that a brand must offer to its customers.

The key takeaway will be take technology is changing the marketing landscape for local businesses in India. And the businesses and marketers must adapt to these emerging digital marketing opportunities.