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Whether you want to drive engagement & customer loyalty, increase your leads or sales, or build brand awareness, FB marketing is powerful and cost-effective.

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Our Facebook marketing agency uses the most advanced tools for designing targeted campaigns to transform your business and drive the best results for clients.

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You simply need to tell us your expectations. Our Facebook marketing company has an expert team for helping your business achieve long-lasting success.

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What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is a social media platform owned by Meta that allows you to create business profiles for your company. FB marketing is a specialized subset of social media marketing, a practice of establishing and managing a Facebook Business Page to interact with existing customers and attract new ones. It is a platform that offers a wide variety of highly targeted paid ads and organic posts, allowing businesses to put their products and services in front of a vast audience.

Is Facebook a good marketing tool?

Yes! Facebook is an effective tool when it comes to marketing your products or services online. Whether you’re an established company or a small local business, you can choose this social media platform to advertise your services. Working with a Facebook ad agency is a great way to keep your targeted customers informed, establish brand identity, and broaden your reach. When you hire our Facebook marketing company, we manage and optimize your posts and ads regularly.

How Facebook Marketing Services Can Help Your Business Succeed

Our Facebook marketing company with offices in the UK, US, and India uses strategies and services that are designed to help businesses succeed on this social media platform. Our Facebook marketing professionals know how to grab the attention of users and give them the best care. While managing your own social media profiles can be easy, you need to hire an expert advertising agency for Facebook to help you make the most of this important medium.

In fact, our Facebook FB ad agency specializes in leveraging successful Facebook marketing strategies.

Facebook offers a variety of ad formats for businesses, ranging from video to photo and slideshows, that are highly effective in increasing traffic and generating sales. You can use these ads to showcase new products or services, behind-the-scenes content, or convey a message to your target audience. Our Facebook marketing services can create and optimize these advertisements to boost your business’s presence and maximize results.

Lookalike audiences are groups that behave similarly to your target audience. These groups typically represent one to ten percent of the total population in the country where Facebook displays your ads. The goal is to increase conversion rates by displaying your FB ads to similar groups, thereby improving the chances of generating results from your ad campaign. If you are a new business, lookalike audiences can help you grow your business.

As a full-service digital marketing agency, e intelligence focuses on social media marketing. Our FB ads agency offers a comprehensive digital approach to marketing and focuses on the platform as well as the advertising strategy. With a team of SMM experts and creative designers, we create FB ad campaigns that are tailored to your business’s needs. Our agency is highly experienced in FB marketing and has a track record of producing results.

In addition to testing each ad, our Facebook advertising agency can provide reports on daily results and reach. Our split-testing features help analyze your ads and determine which aspects are most effective. We can also control and create distinct audience segments for your ads. A/B testing allows you to test different ad copy, visuals, and CTAs. The goal is to maximize ROI for your campaign, and this is where Facebook marketing services can help.

Using Facebook’s latest updates, we optimize your advertisements for the best mobile experience. Our Facebook marketing services include comprehensive mobile-first campaign management, creative production, and custom reporting. Additionally, our team uses a proven growth marketing strategy that focuses on rapid testing and optimization. Using this strategy, we can help you reach your marketing objectives through FB marketing.

The price of Facebook advertising depends on a number of factors, but on average, you can expect to pay just a few cents per click. In fact, Facebook advertising can help you grow, allowing you to scale your campaign and increase your budget. It also allows you to test the effectiveness of ads and gauge the response. There is no better way to find out how to reach your prospective audience than to work with an experienced Facebook marketing agency.

How to create a Facebook marketing strategy?

At our professional Facebook marketing company with offices in the UK, US, and India, we begin the process by developing a tailored Facebook advertising strategy. This process includes analyzing your old marketing strategy, industry niche, business growth strategy, target audience, and marketing budget. Keeping all these factors in mind, our FB ads agency creates effective campaigns that will help you connect with your potential customers, keep them engaged and convert them into leads.

What does a Facebook marketing agency do?

A Facebook marketing company is an organization that is backed by a team of Facebook marketing and advertising specialists who help businesses grow through strategic ad campaigns and posts. Our professional Facebook ad agency with offices in the UK, US, and India creates tailored marketing strategies by keeping your business goals, budget, and time frame in mind. With our pre-planned and strategic Facebook marketing efforts, we ensure a higher ROI in your budget.

4 Telltale Signs You Need To Hire A Facebook Marketing Company

If so, reach out to our Facebook ad agency! At e intelligence, we make Facebook marketing work for you by targeting the right audience at budget-friendly prices. We use the most effective and innovative FB advertising solutions to help you build an ideal relationship with your perfect target audience and boost your sales.

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Are limited marketing resources a big challenge for you?

When you choose us, you don’t have to spend money on resources to benefit from FB marketing. You’ll get a dedicated and certified Facebook advertising team that will offer you quick results.

Are you unable to track your Facebook ad campaign results?

If you find it challenging to track your Facebook ad campaign, our Facebook marketing agency can help you track how many people see your ads, visit your website, and call your business.

Are you unable to reach your target audience on Facebook?

We will invest our time in understanding your target audience. Our Facebook ad agency will design a campaign to connect, attract and engage your target audience and convert them into leads.

Are you paying more for FB marketing but getting lesser returns?

If you feel like hiring a dedicated advertising agency for Facebook marketing is not that effective or that you are paying more but not getting reasonable returns, give us a chance to help you.

Why choose “e intelligence” as your Facebook Marketing Agency?

At e intelligence, our motto is to make it easy for your business to create websites and digital marketing strategies for attracting new clients. We work hard, so you don’t have to!

Partner experience

We will learn your preferences to ensure we deliver a project on which you can proudly put your label – all the websites, web applications, and digital strategies we will build for you.

Quality Assurance

We conduct extensive qualitative checks at every phase of the project and deliver only the best quality and most effective solutions to achieve your business goals.

Project Management

We introduce you to a dedicated account manager with whom you can communicate directly regarding all your project-related concerns. They will share your concerns with us.

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Maximize The Benefits of FB Marketing

If you’re looking to target highly relevant people with your marketing campaigns, Facebook is an excellent choice. Our Facebook ad agency allows you to target customers based on demographics and interests.

If you have a business page, you can target customers based on behavior and geographical location. Facebook also lets you create core audiences based on their connections and keywords, so you can better target your ads to them.

With Facebook’s custom audiences, you can build your campaigns around data gathered from offline customers or online interactions. Custom audiences help you reach people who may already be interested in your business but have never interacted with you before.

Facebook also offers the ability to create lookalike audiences based on previous site visitors. This makes Facebook an excellent option for targeting people who might be interested in your brand or products.

If you are running a small business, Facebook marketing is a fantastic option for you. The cost of running ads on Facebook is very low, and it can even save you money in the long run. Facebook uses the power of ‘LIKE’ to target people who appreciate what you have to offer. By boosting these posts with paid advertisements and a Facebook marketing agency, you can reach a larger audience than ever before. With this method, you can compete against large services at a fraction of the cost.

Before you start working with a Facebook ad agency, you must have a clear audience in mind. Don’t focus on how many likes your page has, as that can be a fairly arbitrary measure of success. Instead, make sure your reasoning relates to your business’s goals and remember to focus on actions that will impact your bottom line. Whether you’re promoting a product, service, or company, the more you know about your target audience, the more effective your Facebook marketing strategy will be.

When it comes to generating attention for your brand on Facebook, you need to know how to schedule your ads to maximize your reach. You can use our Facebook marketing services to create a successful ad campaign. The first thing you need to do is set a budget for the campaign. You should also select a start date for the FB ads campaign. Our professional FB marketing team will work on a tailored strategy and schedule your ads to reach the right people and focus on your target audience.

Although Facebook’s marketing strategies are inexpensive, they are not without their fair share of complexities. You must set goals and determine your audience and purpose for using Facebook. You will also need to track your performance and improve accordingly. You can do this by using Google Analytics, Capsulink, and other social advertising tools. Once you’ve decided on a budget and the campaign start date, our Facebook ad agency can begin scheduling your ads and content.

When you contact our professional advertising agency for Facebook, we will walk you through the process step by step. We keep your target audience in mind when setting up a campaign and fix a schedule accordingly. Our Facebook marketing company  will start targeting your audience by multiple metrics so you’ll have better odds of reaching the people who matter most to your business. Also, we find it best to test a small number of posts first to see what works.

If you’re not sure how to start your Facebook marketing campaign, get in touch with our FB ads agency for the best results.


Make Us Your Official Facebook Marketing Partner

To give you a successful Facebook marketing campaign, we target the people most suitable for your business. With your input, like what you know about your customers, demographics, behaviors, and interests, we can help you connect with people similar to them. Our Facebook ad agency with offices in the UK, US, and India will make sure you spread the right message to the right audience. We’ll also fine-tune your ad campaign in real-time to deliver desired results for your business.

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We love our clients from all over the world. We develop strategies that allow us to laser focus and target your audience.

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Have questions about our Facebook Marketing Services?

Take a look at these FAQs:

You can easily view the results of your Facebook ad campaigns. Just go to “Ads Manager,” click on “Campaigns,” and then select “Ad Sets or Ads.” You’ll notice a “View Charts” option there. Click on it to open the insights side pane for a detailed visual representation of your ad’s performance.

To set up an audience, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and select the objective you want to achieve. You can choose from eleven different objectives, including generating traffic to your website, app installs, and brand awareness. After you have set up your objective, click on the target audience tab and configure your target audience. Once you’ve created your audience, you need to decide on the type of ad you want to make. While it may be tempting to start with your core audience, you can experiment with different demographics. Facebook offers hundreds of demographics and behaviors, and you can use these details to narrow your audience to potential customers. You can also use competitors’ lists to create custom audiences that are more likely to buy your products. Using custom audiences is recommended when you want to reach a niche audience.

You can utilize Facebook to promote your business by hiring a professional Facebook marketing company to manage your ads and posts, generate leads, and drive sales. A reliable Facebook marketing firm takes responsibility for creating, optimizing, and monitoring ads to bring you the best results.

Hiring our Facebook ad agency will allow you to utilize their advanced targeting capabilities. Our SMM experts will be handling your ad campaign round the clock, allowing you to focus on growing your business. With them, you don’t have to worry about how your ads are performing. We will keep you in the loop by sending regular reports.

Startup companies can gain tremendous benefits from Facebook marketing. You can start by creating your business page and engaging with your online followers. However, you should hire a professional Facebook advertising company because they use the right strategies, advanced tools, and best practices to use this platform for your maximum benefit. Partnering with a Facebook marketing agency will aid you in building a professional and trustworthy business page that your target customers will want to follow.

Before hiring a Facebook marketing company, you must decide on your goals, time frame, budget, and the types of advertising services you need. Once you have an idea of what you want to achieve from this service and how much you can spend on this marketing technique, you can start searching for a Facebook agency that suits your criteria. You can get help from an online search on Google that will show you a list of companies. You can also ask for referrals from your friends.

When looking for a Facebook advertising agency, you should keep an eye out for the various qualities such as performance, transparency, trustworthiness, professionalism, and responsiveness. You should check whether the agency delivers results and what they have achieved so far. A professional and reliable Facebook ad agency can show you its achievements. They should be proactive in providing reports and updates on performance campaigns. Also, notice how they respond to your queries.

Before hiring a Facebook marketing agency, you can ask the following questions:

  • What are your core capabilities?
  • How do you use Facebook to generate leads and sales?
  • How do you measure ROI?
  • What is included in your Facebook marketing services?
  • Have I set the right business goals?
  • Is my ad targeting my prospective audience?
  • Have I set the proper FB marketing budget?