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Digital Marketing Solutions for
A Luxury Car Dealer Company

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Luxury car dealership

One of the successful luxury car dealership brands of India.

They have started state-of-the-art showroom at Atladra, Vadodara in 2009 and over the years they have expanded across five major locations – Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Indore & Kolkata.


Problems & Challenges Faced By Them

  • Lack of knowledge of Digital Marketing campaigns
  • Poor customer engagement and retention on social platforms
  • No professional experience to manage Digital Marketing campaigns
  • No time to manage their account on various online channels
  • Relying on traditional marketing techniques
  • Cutthroat competition in automotive industry
  • High overhead cost but poor results

Solutions Provided By Us

We are the company that thinks out-of-the-box, and that is why we became the perfect digital marketing partner for the big car dealership brand. Our digital marketing experts worked as a team with them to get in-depth knowledge of their business, understand their needs, expectations, and challenges. Our masterminds performed market research to analyze customers’ car-buying preferences and came up with a perfect digital marketing plan and strategy for the brand to skyrocket its sales.

Google Ads

Through our detailed research, we analyzed and filtered their target audience. Using our tried and tested multi funnel strategies, we ran Google Ad campaigns that helped them increase their sales by 193%, keeping their CPA under control.

SEO Campaign

Our team of SEO experts performed in-depth competitor research analysis and created a targeted SEO campaign by focusing on geographical areas. The campaign increased their organic traffic by 719%, boosting the sales significantly.

Social Media Campaigns

We created targeted Social Media Campaigns targeting audience based on their interests, demographics, age, occupation, and income level. Our campaigns helped the client improve their brand awareness, increasing their sales by 136%.

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We love our clients from all over the world. We develop strategies that allow us to laser focus and target your audience.

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One of the best Web development and Digital Marketing agencies in India. As pioneers of this path for 17 years, we maintain our non-negotiable standard of excellence every day.

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Every new customer or partner’s success story delivers us satisfaction and excitement about what we do. This case study reflects how we helped our clients to achieve success and meet their desires. We’ll be the perfect choice for clients who want to improve their sales, increase their revenue at the same time keeping the cost down.

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