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Deploying Useful Features With
AWS Configuration for Online
Event Calendar.

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An easy-to-use marketing event calendar to help users search for events that fit their needs.

An event calendar designed to minimize conflicting dates and simplify engagement for industries like Advertising, Marketing, and Adtech.

Problems & Challenges Faced By Them

  • Difficulty in displaying all the events dates wise in a proper visual format
  • The data loading speed was very poor
  • There was no alert email for the confirmation of payment
  • AWS configuration was missing

Solutions Provided By Us

e intelligence team worked as per the client’s requirement to deploy an event calendar with features like adding pagination, arranging the events in an organized manner, and configuring and uploading payment details on AWS.
We also added functionalities like User Registration and Subscription Module and validation to filter and verify events once customers purchase subscriptions.

We delivered tangible results using technologies like CodeIgniter, MySQL database, HTML, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and Stripe Payment Gateway for this client.

Efficient Pagination

We made it easier than ever to deal with large amounts of data in the backend. It made it possible for the client to offer users smoother and more convenient assistance.

Subscription Module

We added well-defined subscription modules that will enable the client to take advantage and offer a seamless experience to the users.

AWS Configuration

With the right AWS Configuration, we aim to deliver an absolute experience to our client in discovering the existing AWS resources and determining how it was configured at any time.

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