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Digital Marketing & Web Development
For Online Jewellery Store.

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About Our Client

An ultimate online jewellery destination that delivers the finest diamond jewellery.

Established in 2015, it aims to provide handcrafted and antique diamond jewellery to its customers.


Problems & challenges faced by them

  • The website design was outdated and was not responsive.
  • Poor visibility to the product search with each item displayed uniquely.
  • Onsite trust and credibility were missing.
  • Inventory management was not efficient.
  • Decreased customer engagement and acquisition.
  • Increased overhead cost and diminished revenue.
  • Poor search engine rankings due to bad coding structure.
  • The slow rate of growth & poor conversion rate.

Solutions Provided By Us

Our team worked with them closely to understand their visual branding and studied their website in detail. We also did a detailed analysis of their products and target audience. We provided them with comprehensive solutions to fulfill their needs and generate higher value in their business. We developed their new website with a fresh UI and responsive architecture. Our website and digital marketing solutions helped them double their monthly revenue just in 2 months!

Website Development

Understanding their customer behaviour was the fundamental step for our team. We uncovered a number of valuable aspects after analyzing their customer behaviour. Using our research, we developed a user-friendly website using eCommerce technology, which increased their revenue by 346%.

SEO Campaign

Since their number 1 objective was to increase their online sales, it was imperative to generate Organic traffic/visitors to their website. Our expert SEO Team developed and implemented various strategies that helped the client improve their visibility and increase organic traffic by 421%.

Social Media Campaigns

Our Social Media Team conducted a detailed analysis of more than 100+ competitors and came up with the winning ad copies, creatives, and strategies. Our social media campaigns not only improved their visibility by 1,125% but also improved their sales by 321% through Social Media platforms.

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Why Should Potential Clients Work With Us?

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