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Help!!! Your Brand Is Dying On Social Media…

For how long do you refuse to see those blaring warning signs? Well, it’s no secret! Your brand is breathing heavy! The social media space is a tough one allowing for the survival of only the fittest, literally. Many teeny-weeny brands pop up every day, and they all come with innovative marketing tactics. As a result, even the bigger brands get gobbled up if they ignore these signs. Remember the time when you had just embraced the social media platforms? Can you recollect how your brand was just a wee lad, all excited to meet new people and brands? It’s sadly no longer the same scenario. Those days are a thing of the past now! Your brand messages on the social media sites have slowly diminished in visibility and importance. The content that helped propel your brand to greatness is no longer attractive and engaging to the users. Your followers are bored of seeing the same type of posts on your profiles always. That’s precisely the idea behind this post. Are you confused what to post on your social media platforms and running out of innovative concepts? Below, are some of the ways that will allow you to act before it’s too late!

Be Honest.

Be absolutely genuine. If you have to showcase your product photographs on your page, then don’t use the stock images. Instead, hire a professional photographer for a full-time photo shoot. And now that you have spent money on getting those beautiful images done, then don’t penny-pincher while promoting them. Make the most of the paid ads on Facebook and other platforms, where paid advertising is available.

Thank Them.

Yes, just say it. And say it loud and BIG. Acknowledge and appreciate their continued support for your posts, efforts, business and brand. Get their permission to feature their photo on your page as the star fan of the month. Tell them how much they mean for your brand on the social media platforms. A simple thank you coming straight out of the heart will do the trick!

Want Engagement? Well, tell them.

This is the most common mistakes by many brands. They don’t make it clear for their followers about what action is expected from their end on your posts. They are clueless about how you want them to engage with your posts. So, if you want them to share your picture or want their feedback, just say it, as if speaking with a friend. That’s the idea of social networking sites, right?

Make them laugh.

One of the most obvious tricks to get engagement, yet extremely hard to master! So, you really need to know your followers, inside out, for this one. Is your joke significant in their culture, religion, or region? Are you cracking a joke at a wrong time? Sharing the humor posts on your profile is easy, but getting engagement requires a lot of thinking. Know your audience’s tolerance level for humor. And just because a funny post is embraced on the other pages, doesn’t mean that your followers would also find it humorous. Make them laugh, not annoy them.

Touch their hearts.

What makes a content touch people’s heart? Of course, a story well said! Did you make any difference in your customer’s life? Did you get a heartfelt appreciation by your follower? Then you ought to share it with your page fans. If you read a good story, then do care to share it with your followers.

Quote of the day.

The quotes always work, for any brand. Wondering how to find good quotes every day? Well, there are quite a few quote directories and generator tools online that make the job easy for you.

So, it’s all about getting to know your followers and talk to them in the language they speak and understand. Connect, don’t sell! What post ideas are working for your brand? Share them with us.