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BrightonSEO October 2022: Compilation of Presentation Slides

The 6th and 7th of OCT saw the return of BrightonSEO, the event every digital marketing enthusiast and IT professional keenly looks forward to. If you were unable to attend BrightonSEO this year, be at ease!

We’re compiling most of the speaker’s presentations from the conference that we found insightful, covering anything from content management and strategies to e-commerce and marketing success suggestions right here on the blog below!

As you can see, we haven’t quite compiled them all. If there are any that you would like us to include, please drop us an email, and we’ll make sure to add them.  

To make it easy for you to go through the events and learn more about the presentations by speakers, we have categorized them into two days, day one and day two: 

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Day #1 

BrightonSEO Events organized on 06th October, 2022, Thursday: 

Auditorium 1: 

  1. How to get more traffic with less content by Anna Gregory-Hall  
  2. The elusive ROI of content marketing by Tim Soulo 
  3. Content prioritisation: Approaching infinite opportunities with finite resources by Sam Colebrook
  4. You want me to look at HOW MANY pages?!’ How to do a content audit for thousands of URLs – Lucy Dodds 
  5. How to conduct a core web vitals audit by Sophie Gibson
  6. The ultimate SEO maturity audit by Grace Frohlich
  7. Holistic search – developing an organic first strategy by Arpun Kaur Bhuhi
  8. Tech SEO for the Omni channel by Crystal Carter 
  9. How to do SEO in a huge multinational by Michael Smith   
  10. How to create content that actually brings in leads – not just traffic by Araminta Robertson 
  11. Using brand archetypes to build search strategy by Tasha Antwi 
  12. Data pitfalls and keeping campaigns on the right side of digital PR twitter by Katie Swann 
  13. Why SEOs should love (not fear) GA4 by Krista Seiden 

Auditorium 2:  

  1. Unlocking the hidden potential of product listing pages by Areej AbuAli  
  2. A definitive talk on perfecting faceted navigation for SEO and sales growth by Luke Carthy 
  3. David vs Goliath: the rise of sustainable fashion against fast fashion giants by Monet Blake 
  4. What the (cluster)f*ck? Convince Google you’re an expert and plan your content faster by Alice Rowan 
  5. EAT is not SEO by Izabela Wisniewska 
  6. Do the public trust AI writing? by Mat Bennett 
  7. Content writers: will AI take your job? by Katie Thompson 
  8. How to use GPT-3 for keyword research by Danny Richman 
  9. Machine learning use cases for technical SEOs by Patrick Stox 
  10. An airtight keyword research strategy to beat any SEO competitor by Rumble Romagnoli  
  11. The representation of beliefs as an important element in user intent analysis by Dateme Tubotamuno 
  12. Students’ decision-making process in an altered perspective world by Azahara Corrales 

Syndicate 1 & 2:  

  2. Why URLs matter for Google! by Fili Wiese 
  3. How to leverage indexation tracking to monitor issues and improve performance by Simon Lesser 
  4.  Declutter your design by Margaret MacArthur 
  5. To ‘B’ or not to ‘B’: B2B content strategy for startups by Yagmur Simsek 
  6. How to create accessible social media content by Ellen Cole  
  7. Putting together a search strategy for a totally new category by Amir Jirbandey 
  8. Using search to ensure success launching ‘new concept’ products & services in new markets by Dave Cousin
  9. Launching DTC. Why SEO isn’t the answer (…and what is) by Andi Jarvis 
  10. Level up meeting productivity with action-oriented meeting agendas by Caitlin Hathaway 
  11. Networking for SEOs (and why it matters) by Greta Koivikko
  12. How to get 10x better at SEO, without learning any more SEO by Daniel Cartland 

Syndicate 3 & 4:  

  1. Intern to SEO pro – How to gain confidence fast by James George 
  2. How to have a successful agency career and side business without burning out by Georgia Gadsby  
  3. Dismantling the job factory – the future of work by Eb Adeyeri 
  4. Stress is contagious: don’t catch it from your clients by Kathryn Monkcom 
  5. How to use coaching to create stronger client relationships by Billie Geena Hyde 
  6. Results are good, so why do clients really leave? by Sophie Brannon 
  7. Agile SEO: Prioritise SEO activities with cadence and risk radius by Parth Suba 
  8. How to write dev tickets to get them implemented to the letter by Richard Petersen-hall 
  9. How to make sure you run a profitable client project every time… even during a recession by Ilia Markov 
  10. What’s in a Link? by Dixon Jones 
  11. How to ideate to land links in publications that really impact search by Eva Cheng

Meeting Room 1 – Expo Stage: 

  1. How to escape gravity (or how to grow your agency with no funding & succeed) by Jamie Riddell 
  2. How to build a successful 4 hour a week 7-figure SEO agency by Deepak Shukla  
  3. Triumph over adversity: growing my agency with a broken spine by Amy Hopper 
  4. How to implement expert comment to make your pitches go further by Surena Chande 
  5. Journo requests: How to get more out of HARO with less wasted time by Stacey MacNaught 
  6. Proactive and reactive PR: going beyond just awareness calendars by Hana Bednarova  
  7. Pulling back the curtain: how to run a successful agency by Greg Gifford 
  8. TurnKey solutions for convincing stakeholders by Satomi Masters Getting executive buy-in for your work by Bethan Vincent 

The Restaurant – The Showcase Stage 

  1. Stating the business case for links by Gareth Simpson  
  2. What we can learn from losing tests – the importance of paying attention to negative outcomes by Will Critchlow 
  3. Delivering total performance in B2B through content-led SEO by Matt Allfrey & Carl Sadecki 
  4. Redefining SEO = People + Technology’ by Louis Venter and Sam Pennington 
  5. The evolution of SEO: how our roles are expanding by Ashley Berman Hale 
  6. I am a donut: how to avoid international SEO mistakes by Tom Brennan 
  7. Automating a scalable long tail keyword strategy for ecommerce by Pierre-Olivier Danhaive 
  8. Automation + Organic Search: How to Use AIDriven Insights to Inform and Action Your SEO Priorities by Pierre Couzy 
  9. Start by looking at your “head”: jamstack SEO by Michael Boosalis 
  10. ¡Livin’ la vida local! – The changing landscape of local search by Rachel Ellen 
  11. The zero click SERP – taking you closer to the money by Jon Earnshaw Serpr: Know thy (search) enemy by Emily White & James Wolman 

Day #2 

BrightonSEO Events organized on 07th October, 2022, Friday: 

Auditorium 1: 

  1. The nine immutable laws of brand voice by Bethany Joy 
  2. The power of brand by Rona Leslie 
  3. Why big brands are now prioritising SEO by Chris Pitt  
  4. Spreadsheet sorcery: a Google Sheets guide for the aspiring wizard by Matt Greenwood 
  5. The power of probabilistic thinking in SEO by Andrew Charlton 
  6. SEO testing: what you can do when you really want to find out what works for SEO by Martijn Scheybeler 
  7. How to think differently, get out of a rut and generate new ideas by Jo Walters 
  8. How to come up with content ideas without relying on search volume by Steph Naylor 
  9. Visibility leaders: performance content blueprints by Steve Paine 
  10. On-page optimization lessons from analyzing over 400 blog posts by Chima Mmeje 
  11. A guided tour of JavaScript for SEOs by Martin Splitt  
  12. On-page Optimisation 4.0: from intention to conversion by Felipe Bazon

Auditorium 2: 

  1. How SEO can eliminate friction and super-charge your customer journey by Evie Collins
  2. Competitor topical authority audits: the how and the why by Krystian Szastok 
  3. 0 to 400k monthly organic sessions in 12 months: here’s how we did It by James Brockbank 
  4. Cookie consent: mechanisms and practices for GDPR and ePrivacy compliance by Rowenna Fielding 
  5. How SEO changes as we say bye bye to cookies by Farhad Divecha  
  6. Shining a light onto the dark funnel by Riaz Kanani 
  7. Archibong – Creating an inclusive web – quick and actionable fixes with a little cheat sheet by Miracle Inameti 
  8. The intersection between SEO and accessibility by Jessica Mackereth 
  9. Accessibility, strategy and schema – do they go hand in hand? by Beth Barnham 
  10. How to incorporate machine learning into your SERP analysis by Lazarina Stoy 
  11. Making Google search data available at scale by Daniel Waisberg 
  12. Understanding your competitors’ business to be truly successful at SEO by Tom Vaughton 

Syndicate 1 & 2: 

  1. How does social and influencer marketing affect SEO? by Freya Jones 
  2. How to sell creative social media to anyone by Yumna Kumran 
  3. Swipe left: Why your social content is getting ghosted by Eleni Cashell 
  4. Commerce platforms content strategy: Amazon and beyond by Margo Howie 
  5. Review generation and management: how to do it and why it matters by Levi Williams-Clucas 
  6. Generating better indexing signals for ecommerce websites by Dan Taylor
  7. Why short-form video rules: the difference between Reels, Shorts and TikTok by Nadya Birca 
  8. Staying in tune: Know your industry and conquer SEO by Nicolas Basoalto 
  9. How you can map intent with conversion rate to plan future content with a high ROI by Thomas Johnson 
  10. ABCs of no-code SEO automation by Robin Allenson 
  11. How to create your own search quality evaluation algorithms by Richard Lawrence  
  12. Using APIs and automation to resolve SEO challenges by Jérôme Salomon 

Syndicate 3 & 4  

  1. NLP for SEOs: How to optimise your content for BERT by Josephine Haagen 
  2. Using command line to save time on common SEO tasks by Dino Kukic 
  3. Get content crawled & ranked faster with log file insights by Steven van Vessum 
  4. How to structure / develop your SEO department by Julia Weißbach 
  5. How to lead a team away from burnout by Gisele Navarro 
  6. Optimising Organisation Movement: Speeding up professional growth using data by Reza Moaiandin  
  7. How to produce great multilingual content, even when you can’t read it by Laura McInley 
  8. Bridging the content divide: Removing the language barrier for international success by Hinde Lamrani 
  9. Cultural sociology & SEO: How culture impacts buyer behaviour and can help improve rankings by Sarah Presch 
  10. Your customer doesn’t care what channel you use: How to integrate SEO and Paid by Becky Simms 
  11. Remarketing SEO: a no-paid targeting technique to multiply organic traffic by Himani Kankaria 
  12. Conquering Imposter Syndrome as a Beginner by Prachi Keshavani 

Meeting Room 1 – Expo Stage: 

  1. What building a community can teach you about tackling diversity & inclusion issues by Rejoice Ojiaku & Wilhemina Gilbertson-Davis 
  2. The power of being different by Mo Kanjilal 
  3. Where are all the Black owned companies in the SERPs? by Fabio Embalo 
  4. How to put together a corporate social responsibility strategy and why it matters by Rebekah Conway 
  5. How your website impacts the planet – and what you can do about it! by Stuart Davies 
  6. Marketing in the impact and change-driven space by Khyara Ranaweera 
  7. How to find your perfect job in digital by Jasmine Granton 
  8. How to build relationships when remote working by Jo Juliana Turnbull 
  9. The dark side of SEO: how to lead a team when you need help the most by Craig Dewart 

The Restaurant – The Showcase Stage 

  1. ¡Livin’ la vida local! – The changing landscape of local search by Rachel Ellen 
  2. The zero click SERP – taking you closer to the money by Jon Earnshaw
  3. Serpr: Know thy (search) enemy by Emily White & James Wolman 
  4. Automating a scalable long tail keyword strategy for ecommerce by Pierre-Olivier Danhaive 
  5. No-code SEO : how Botify leverages AI and CDNs to optimize your sites by Pierre Couzy  
  6. Start by looking at your “head”: jamstack SEO by Michael Boosalis 
  7. Redefining SEO = People + Technology by Louis Venter and Sam Pennington  
  8. The evolution of SEO: how our roles are expanding by Ashley Berman Hale 
  9. I am a donut: how to avoid international SEO mistakes by Tom Brennan 
  10. Stating the business case for links by Gareth Simpson  
  11. What we can learn from losing tests – the importance of paying attention to negative outcomes by Will Critchlow 
  12. Delivering total performance in B2B through content-led SEO by Matt Allfrey & Carl Sadecki 

Last Words 

The BrightonSEO conference brings together top search marketing experts from around the world to share their experiences and learn from each other. This two-day event is full of insightful presentations, training courses, and workshops that are intended to help you succeed in all areas of search marketing. It also offers practical insights on how to improve your marketing strategy and website performance. 


If you have any doubts regarding any of the presentation topics, please let us know in the comments below. 

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