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SEO during COVID-19 Crisis to Build Your Brand!

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading, the fear and anxiety in people are spreading faster than the disease itself. People are worried not only about their lives but their livelihood as well. It is challenging for many businesses to survive in this global crisis. They are trying to adopt various marketing strategies to sustain their position in the market.

Every business has taken a beating and this is the time to show the world how your organization has been still striving to serve the customers in these times. These times of adversity will differentiate you from the rest.

There are many questions in the minds of the business owners regarding the best ways to incorporate marketing techniques in the current pandemic.

In today’s landscape, things have changed due to coronavirus, and people are doing more informational searches and trying to figure out something in their way instead of spending money in purchasing products or services. They are saving money by researching on the internet adopting DIY (Do It Yourself) practice.

Currently, companies are shut and employees are working from home to curb the disease from spreading. Hence, to show your presence in the market, you need to showcase your brand online and show your customers that your business is running. SEO has the capability of showing exponential growth in ROI, along with the fact that significant results may take a few months to materialize, it’s fair to contend that SEO is one of the most significant investments at a time of uncertainty.

In this article, I shall explain the benefits of SEO, steps to be taken to improve SEO and strategies to adopt for short-term wins as well as building a strong foundation for future success in this pandemic.

How is SEO beneficial for Businesses in this Epidemic?

  • Worth it

    Compared to other marketing options, working to optimize your search results through SEO is cost-effective. Unless and until you purchase a software tool to guide you, there is no cost involved at all in it. SEO is just about putting forward good content aligning with the algorithms, unlike paid ads, working with influencers or hosting events.

  • Develop Trust and Relationship

    In this global epidemic, people are loitering around with hope in their eyes and searching for trustworthy hands. Building trust with the audience is precious in this crisis as this would make them believe in the genuineness of your company.

    We trust Google ranking meticulously. We hardly remember the time when we went on the second page of Google to get the required information because most of the time, we rely on Google for the top few links as an accurate one. It means your brand needs to rank on Page 1 of the Google search result page, which gives an inherent trust in the eyes of consumers about your brand.

    We trust Google ranking meticulously. We hardly remember the time when we went on the second page of Google to get the required information because most of the time, we rely on Google for the top few links as an accurate one. It means your brand needs to rank on Page 1 of the Google search result page, which gives an inherent trust in the eyes of consumers about your brand.

  • Valuable Audience Metrics

    Notice which keywords are trending and which of your site pages are gaining the most of the advantage from your SEO strategy, which will help you to learn what your audience is searching for these days. The results might be surprising, but with this knowledge, you will be able to modify or change other relevant content and strategies.

  • Long-Term Growth

    Sectors that are hard-hit by COVID-19, with the help of SEO teams you can pass information that will educate and inform customers leading towards building trust and good relationships with customers for long term growth. If you get a high ranking in Google, you are likely to stay there for quite a while.

    To get the benefits of running your business efficiently in this pandemic, it is of utmost importance to formulate your digital marketing strategies and undertake the right steps.

Steps to Improve the SEO Strategy of the Business?

  • Keyword Research

    This is the time when you can revisit your existing keywords and research ways to keep the keywords as they modify or transform them looking at the changing needs of people in COVID-19. You will need to learn which keywords have most of the traffic and low competition to highlight yourself in the top-ranking search result page. You will also need to learn the keywords trends during COVID-19. Once you know which keywords to prioritize, you can work on your content as the next step.

  • Content-friendly

    Several years ago, the approach towards content was to stuff keywords wherever it is possible, without concern over the fact of how the end-user would read the content. I am glad that it is not the case now. Nowadays, SEO content is written for the audience according to their interest, and keywords are used reasonably. Consider keywords for which need to rank well and write relevant and useful content. Research about what your customers need during this time and solve their problems with your content.

  • Revamp Content on your Website

    Just writing good content isn’t enough; you need to keep them updated. Revisit your site and make changes in the “about us” page or revise description in your products and services page. Refer to your old blog posts that have lost their relevance or look for any other changes that need a second look as per the current situation.

  • Prioritizing Local SEO

    Featured and rich snippets help to improve your business visibility, especially for mobile devices. For example, when we search for ‘Pizza delivery near me’ on Google, snippets will help you and provide you with name, phone number, address, reviews of the outlet from the customers.

    Also, Google selects a website that uses rich snippets as that helps in increasing the website’s ranking. So, you should ensure to implement rich snippets for the site if you aren’t doing it as that will help you to compete in the marketplace and improve your CTR.

As COVID-19 impacts businesses worldwide, we’ll continue to see how SEO can lessen marketing challenges. With that in mind, now is the time to delve into comprehensive SEO strategies. You can start adopting small strategies if you’re new to SEO, or brainstorm ways to raise your plan if you already have one in place.

SEO Tips:

With SEO, there’s always more to learn, but these tips will put you on the right track to achieving the ultimate accomplishment, which is earning the top spot on Google.

  • Brand Awareness

    SEO is a tool for branding and is widely used. In times like these, when there is a pandemic, it stays the case and one needs to know how to use it. People might not use your product or service as they might be worried about their jobs, families, etc. But they are still online and spending more time on the internet. They are locked down in their home and are browsing about various things related to COVID-19 (possibly services or products that might make their lives more comfortable during this pandemic) or might help them stay alive.

    You can alter your content a bit so that your brand comes up many times in the search engine page. Some organizations make it their responsibility to share messages relating to safety, so even if your point is about selling that would be the last thing on anyone’s mind during a pandemic, your brand is still visible when people search online. You can then optimize specific keywords that can relate to safety during an epidemic.

    You need to remember though that in a time like this, it will not be appropriate for a brand to share some humorous content, even if you think it will get you noticed.

    People are more towards informational search in the marketing funnel; people are searching for fixing things by themselves, sanitation practices, and searching for emergency services. Hence, when you use keywords surrounding all of these, then there are high chances for your brand to be recognized.

  • It’s the Time to Show Empathy

    “The true strength of any relationship is seen in bad times, not good.” Remember the phrase?

    When times are good, we share assurance with our people saying “we value” or “we care” and so on. Now, this is the time to do so. Hit by this pandemic, people want to talk, and showing assurance and empathy towards them will build their trust towards you. People find it relatable and encouraged with your business when you understand their situation and provide some guidance.

    If your business is helping the community, then share newsletters or use email to assure them that you know them in these crises. You can also deliver goods or services to needy people free of cost; this would show your genuineness towards society.

  • A Life-Line to Your Business

    You have to restrict yourself to stay home, and clients can’t visit your office for business deals. Don’t lose hope; the internet has the solution for it.

    As people are quarantined in their homes, they are equally stressed about their business just like you are finding ways out by researching for their business growth or learning new things that can be beneficial for their business.

    The internet is busier today with pandemic searches by users. But, SEO shall give you a chance for your business to develop despite the lockdown. Even if visitors visit your sites and don’t make purchases right now, they will certainly do so when things get back to normal.

  • Top-Notch Awareness

    With SEO, you can stay visible. During a pandemic, survival is on the top of the minds of people. If your business is into providing things necessary for survival like food, medication, health and wellness treatment, then you are on the minds of people. SEO will help you to get a high ranking position compared to your competitors.

    Even for certain businesses that do not offer the products which are counted as essentials, you can still use SEO to maintain top of the mind awareness that becomes an asset once it is all over. Lessen the risk with SEO.

  • An Opportunity to Win Over Competitors

    People are stuck in their homes, and Google does the work for them. They search for essential commodities which are required in these struggling times, and it is necessary to optimize the particular words at this time to give yourself a good start so that when the competition is again on their toes with SEO, you have some time to catch up.

    You can come up with contests and ask people regarding their ideas and measures they are taking in this pandemic and the best response shall get a gift/prize. These promotional strategies would give you an opportunity to win the audience over your competitors.

    Remember that in the end, the pandemic might still last for months, and it is a long time to get far ahead.

  • Strengthen Expertise

    People might be looking for some great content to read, so having good content in your field of expertise can be an opportunity to attract the attention of such people. You can use various tools to find out the keywords in your area of expertise and optimize those keywords. There are chances that there are people who might be searching for other information than information on the pandemic. The impression which you make on people now will last even after the lockdown, and they will realize you are an expert in the field.

  • Provide Analytical Insight into Demand

    With the help of SEO analytics, you can forecast the demand curve for your goods and services; this is vital as it can help in formulating your business plan. Organic traffic shall show the sign of interest of people. In this pandemic phrase, the demand of people changes according to the market and budget needs. For example, a person might be willing to buy chocolates for the first or second week of the pandemic. Later he might not be ready to spend on it and would consider it as a luxury product, considering his budget which he would want to spend on necessity items by the third week.

    Tools like Google Trends can show you the speed at which interest in your product or service is dropping or increasing so that this shall help you in planning your next move.

    Not everyone is short of money; some have the money but aren’t willing to go out to spend it. Local SEO shall help such people in finding businesses that can provide for their requirements within the area that they are living.

    If you neglect SEO, you will not find such people which shall affect the revenue of your business and during a pandemic, every business needs to stretch to survive. Therefore, SEO can keep companies alive despite the hard times.

  • Optimize your Website

    Page speed is a ranking factor on Google. Hence, a good page speed shall reduce the bounce rate and increase audience engagement on your website.

    This is the right time to restructure your website and make changes wherever required, like simplify the navigation, ensure the content is up-to-date with fresh photos to stay relevant.

    Keep a pop-up or banner on the homepage of your website and other high traffic pages to let your visitors know remedial measures your company is taking during coronavirus and how well you are serving your customers and keeping employees safe. Send alert messages will show the way your company is ‘tip of the toe’ in these crises.

  • Link Building

    Ensure that the links of your website are of high quality. This is significant as Google decides on the links that show the relevance of your content. Quality links and backlinks increase the visibility of your website.

  • Deliver Content Differently

    With the help of blogs, videos, and webinars, you can spread the alertness among people regarding the current situation. You can also share the information which shall be helpful for them, which in turn would develop their trust in your company.

    1. People are looking for free learning services so that you can conduct webinar sessions for them. Also having a real-time conversation helps to build personal relationships. Since people are practicing social distance, seeing a face or hearing a voice can calm the anxiety and stress that many are experiencing.

    2. Update blogs on your website related to safety measures, emergency numbers, and guiding people in this pandemic which shall show your considerate approach towards them. But, you should be careful with language and avoid giving misleading content like promising them that this or that would prevent them from the virus.

    3. You can make fun videos as people are depressed in their houses. And entertaining videos shall boost their energy level.

    4. Create a COVID-19 post for people to get their feedback. Interacting with people shall develop a good bond with them.

SEO has always been about customers and Google wants to be easy for customers. We need to show measures we are taking in COVID-19. We have to connect with customers and businesses.

It’s a setback for the world as many people are affected by this epidemic. Lives, businesses, jobs, even relationships have ended because of the pandemic. Humanity, however, must live on.

Remaining indoors will keep everyone safe, and when the disease finally comes to an end, we will be ready to rejuvenate our lives and economy.

And, this is the best time to make the utmost use of SEO to build your brand.

Stay positive, stay hopeful!