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The “What! No way!” Facts About Google


Bet You Didn’t Know More Than Half of Them

Google has become synonymous with the word: the Internet. From the time your toe touches the floor in the morning until you fall asleep at night, your exposure to Google is inevitable. If you’re a consumer, you base your buying decisions on Google. If you’re a marketer, you find your customers through Google. Since the time it was developed in a quiet garage to a roaring web phenomenon it has become today, Google is only evolving and growing with time. It’s natural, then, that you’re always curious to learn more about this search giant. Well, guess what? It’s your lucky day! Here are the most amazing facts about Google, and we bet you wouldn’t have guessed more than half of them:

# 1 – The web lost a massive 40% of traffic worldwide in just 5 minutes when Google went down about 3 years ago. And ever since then, the search engine has never crashed even for a micro second. Can your business survive another blackout?

Facts About Google 1

# 2 – Google connected me to over 2 million web pages in less than .60 seconds when I searched for “how to carve a pumpkin” with Halloween just around the corner. And this is just one of the 2.3 million search queries that Google entertains every minute. When it was launched in 1995, Google got about 350 queries a minute. So you can imagine how big Google has grown now!

Facts About Google 2

# 3 – About 4 to 5 in every 10 searches on Google are being conducted for the very first time. People search for new sorts of information all the time, or they search for the same/similar type of information in new sorts of ways. And Google is well-equipped to handle any new query with the help of its extensive crawling and indexing bots-network.

Facts About Google 3

# 4 – 7 out of 10 searchers click on the top 5 search results on Google. It means that you are likely to get 70% more traffic than your competitors if your website ranks amongst the top 5 search results in google.

Facts About Google 4

# 5 – About 60% of the world is “googling” something up right this moment. And we’re talking about over 2 trillion searches every year. You can do the math!

Facts About Google 5

# 6 – Google’s more than half of the search volume comes from mobile devices. About 8 in 10 smartphone users conduct their online searches through mobile-only. No wonder the search engine puts a lot of stress on the searchers’ experience across screen sizes.

Facts About Google 6

# 7 – Every third local searcher on Google converts into a paying customer in-store. That’s a pretty hefty number if you’re a local business.

Facts About Google 7

# 8 – Google owns over 80% of the world’s online searches. Talk about dominance and super power, eh?

Facts About Google 8

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