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Google Core Update(June 2019): Everything You Need to Know

What was it: With the new update that Google released, they made it clear that it has become ever so essential for businesses to post quality content rather than just plain basic information that might not even help the searchers.

Timeline: The Google Core Update started on June 3 through June 8

But that’s not just everything!

Along with the core update in progress, Google managed to roll out another update, known as the Diversity Update.

“It took five days for Google to roll out the June 2019 core update and about three-days for the diversity update.”

Timeline: The Google diversity update started on June 4 through June 6

About the Diversity Update, Google stated that it shall only show two listings per domain in the top search results. The intention is to display more diversity on its listing page in relation to a query, rather than having a couple of domains dominate.

In Google’s words:



Adding to it, they said that they might end up showing more results from the same domain if they think the information will benefit the searcher.

Which is why this is what they said:



Overall, all Google wants is for searchers to get results that reach their expectations and give them the answers they’re looking for.

What happened: Two words – A lot!

  1. High authority websites lost a bunch of traffic
    These are the websites that never had a problem with E-A-T i.e. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.


  1. Many other sites won, by a lot
    Where some websites significantly lost traffic, there had to be sites that gained double.


The update shook most, and left them divided, except for one part. They’re both trying to figure out how the algorithm works. One side, trying to keep up the pace, the other, trying to get better.

What is next: For every business to establish a presence online, after the June 2019 core update, it is going to consider factors that are not limited to E-A-T. Establishing a solution to solving the ranking problem at a smaller scale, i.e. the search results page, maybe a diagnosing factor. With the new Google update, its algorithm is able to understand search queries far better and has been able to improve how it ranks links.

Moving forward, businesses will have to step up their game.